Is the AI used in restaurants just a test for other business sectors?
Sep 5, 2018

Is the AI used in restaurants just a test for other business sectors?

Clinc, the world leader based in Ann Arbor, is expanding its business on fintech into new verticals that could take advantage of its business using new electronics parts. Its purpose is to make research about conversational AI and to bring this new technology in new business.

Quick-Service Restaurants

Recently, the company started its new system that allow to provide quick-service restaurants. For example; Burger King and McDonald’s have voice assistant in their drive-through windows. In the first steps of its establishment, the system works as an advertising firm. Want a double burger without pickles and ketchup with a side of salad and an orange juice? With Clinc’s system, the customer can order food as if they were talking to a human. Clinc’s system is not like Siri or Alexa, but it is the technology that will become normal in the future.

Clinc’s success

The company started with a solution for industrial devices and fintech, currently they have several contracts with major banks such as USAA, Barclays and S&P Global. When using the system, it is obvious a machine is speaking. So, if this solution is suitable for restaurants, perhaps it can work in several other business sectors. Obviously, ordering from a fast food restaurant is an easy affair but sometimes it could be complicated. In those cases, Clinc’s system must not lose customers because it is not able to handle difficult situations. Moreover, they need solutions to connect the customer with an online person to sort the problem out.

Development of conversational AI

The Quick Service Restaurants using Artificial Intelligence are coming on market at a critical time. Fast-food restaurants are increasingly looking for a solution to reduce the number of workers in their stores. But it is not just to cut expenses related to wages, it is also helpful to provide a new service to customers for ordering food and a new customer experience to increase the brand loyalty of the restaurant. It is clear that this product is almost ready to address other voice-heavy industries. In their customer service department, a lot of companies are trying to use conversational AI and for sure in the next year we will see develop. Another sector where this system would work is appointment booking services, in which conversational AI could be modified to replace the current employees.

Conversational AI is only used in a couple of business sectors. However, if more research will be done and innovative systems will be created, we will start seeing this technology more in our daily life. It is the system for the future and we should be ready for its implementation sooner rather than later.

Written by MLC Europe GmbH